Event Management

Event Management
with Digital Cloud

Organizing an event that gets you to your goals is now easier that before! Business events are not a party or a gathering of guests at a certain time. It’s your opportunity to deliver messages and present novel ideas. We at Digital Cloud believe that each event is unique. It has specific goals as well as challenges. Thus, you need a partner that understands your requirements and what you exactly need. No matter how big your event or your goal behind it, you will find a perfect team of event experts, ready with ideas, concepts and services that will make an outstanding event.

  • Identity & Theme
    Identity & Theme

    each event should have a distinctive identity. the clearer the identity, the more impactful your event becomes, and eventually it will add equity to your brand. after the identity is approved, we can execute and direct the event in different ways. we offer a wide variety of services for each event, and recommend the best for you.

  • Consuling

    already have your event staffed and covered, but just need a little advise? with our expertise in event management, we would be happy to consult you on all aspects of your event, including but not limited to venue selection, budget management, city permits, logistics and vendor relationships. we consult organizations on all aspects of their event with expertise and innovation, taking into consideration the latest trends in event management to help take them to the next level.

  • Logistics

    after we agree on the identity, event operations and logistics is where all the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event. site layout, hall/outdoor location preparation ,suppliers (lighting, audio/video, food & drink, transportation, decoration, etc.), coordination.

  • Official Permits
    Official Permits

    if your event needs official government permits, we can help secure the proper permits needed to stage the event according to the saudi laws.

  • Transportation

    if your event involves a plan to move participants between venues, leave this to us. we secure the vehicles needed to handle the job according to the importance and number of your guests.

  • Budget Management
    Budget Management

    hidden costs or last minute spending will never happen with us. after we agree on the details, we give you the price quotations that suit your budget through: establishing a sound budget and accurately maintain it, monitoring all expenses,providing perfect solutions if your event involves entrance fees or product selling .

  • Invitation Design
    Invitation Design

    an invitation is the key to success; it reflects your event’s identity our creative designers will give you a wide variety of invitation designs that enforces your event’s identity by employing advanced technology and modern tools. whether it’s electronic or print, private or public, the invitation will make your event a big success, even before it starts.

  • Vendor Negotiations & Relationships
    Vendor Negotiations & Relationships

    don’t waste your time with phone calls, cost quotations and meetings. with digital cloud’s years of experience in the market, we have developed strong relationships with different suppliers. we guarantee best value that suits your budget.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    if your event needs promotion on social media, we create detailed schedule for posts on all social media outlets, including facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat.

  • Promotional Materials
    Promotional Materials

    because each event has its own identity that serves a certain purpose, we design and produce all the related promotional materials, including banners, posters and leaflets. not only that, we also provide content that draws attention and educate people in a very interesting way so that you can reach your goals

  • Advertisement Buying
    Advertisement Buying

    you want to advertise your event on print or digital media? we help you buy the best advertising space on print, tv, radio or digital media for the event through our wide relationships with media buying agencies.