Animation Design

Animation Design
Inside Digital Cloud

Digital Cloud offers different kinds of animation services, where we understand your needs first, and specify the messages you want to convey in a professional style. Our animation services reflect high accuracy in mixing illustrations, voiceovers and design, so that it can attract immediate attention.

  • 2D Animation
    2D Animation

    our expert animators have the skills to create 2d characters or images by using adapting traditional animation techniques. we first create bitmap graphics or 2d vector graphics first and then animate them, using modern techniques. we have extensive experience in providing animation services for movies, product demos, ads, corporate presentations, website banners and animated logos.

  • 3D Animation
    3D Animation

    our skilled animators begin the 3d animation process by using polygons to create figures. after that, we bring the figures to life by turning characters and images into 3d characters for your movies, games, product demos, tv, websites and social media.

  • Characters

    our experts provide a wide range of custom cartoon characters and illustration designs used in advertising, animation and branding. it is essential to get the visual of your character right to establish the perfect connection with the target audience. the designs are provided as character sheets first with references or examples for the design, colors and expressions to embody them. using advanced software, we work on characters that serve the goal behind creating them, whether they are to be used in games, movies or brands.

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